Optimize your equipment

Having the right equipment is the difference between throwing money away and saving money for your organization. We’ll take a look at your current equipment, waste stream, and hauling schedule, then adjust your equipment to save you money. If needed, we’ll help you find the right tools, such as balers and compactors, that will add to your bottom-line savings. Additional services include financing, installation, and repairs so that you can call us once and let us take care of the rest.

Recycle bins, containers, compactors, and trailers

We have everything from spotted trailers and compactors to recycling bins and totes for our recycling customers.  We also can provide custom containers with your logo.


If your business generates 10 tons of recyclable commodities each month, investing in a baler is cost-effective decision. By processing materials into condensed blocks of an individual commodity, you’re increasing their value. Our local expert can help you evaluate if this is best for you.


For organizations that have the equivalent of three 8-yard dumpsters hauled away each week, consider a compactor. Compactors are easy to use, save space, and generate heavier waste loads that reduce the frequency of pickups.

Large-scale shredding machines

Our large-scale rotary shredding machines can destroy any material, from millions of credit card statements to hundreds of truckloads of computer hard drives. It has the capacity to process around 2,000 tons of shredded paper per month and nearly 600 tons of non-paper materials.

Over-the-road trailers

For customers looking to pack their recyclable commodities into their own semis, we can help provide the trailer as well as tips on safely maximizing each load.

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