Better pricing for your recyclables

Your recyclable commodities are worth more than what you're getting—we’re sure of it. Beyond finding areas where you can divert more waste, we can work with you to ensure you’re getting fair prices and fair grades for your materials. We market tens of thousands of tons each month of all paper grades, both domestically and internationally. So when we look at what you’re producing, we know what your providers should charge you. We’ll negotiate better rates, even if you’re in a contract.

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Sell your used pallets

Get paid top-of-the-market prices for all your used or broken pallets. We can also return new or repaired pallets back to you at fair prices. Selling pallets around the world allows us to know going rates in a given market and beat out competitor pricing.

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Do you need a baler?

Depending on the amount of recyclable commodities you’re generating each month, you may want to invest in a baler. Balers allow you to streamline your recycling program and maximize the revenue you receive for recycled materials. We will work with you to optimize the equipment you’re using and can even finance, install, and repair it.

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Insights in a click

Time is money, so we make it easy for you to schedule your pickups and then forget about it. Plus, you can track receipts, shipments, and your real-time environmental impact. Each month, you’ll get a comprehensive report showing your cost and energy savings, as well as what you’ve redirected from landfills.


One call, one do-it-all partner

Managing your waste stream shouldn’t take away from managing your actual business goals. With one call, we’ll get your waste and recycling efforts on track—minimizing costs and maximizing savings. Try us: 314-721-3377.

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