Smarter solutions for improved profitability

For more than 100 years, Federal Recycling has helped organizations worldwide reduce and recycle more waste while ensuring servicers are offering fair pricing with no hidden costs.

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You’re throwing money away

Let us look at your processes. We’re convinced that we’ll find places for you to save money and earn more for your materials.
great customer service

Contacting us once is all it takes

Federal is a one-call solution: a single partner to manage recycling and waste. Reach out once and we’ll respond right away. It’s our promise to you.
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Happiness is invisible waste

Our goal is to get waste out of your life. In fact, if you never think about your waste stream again, we would consider that a victory.


Honesty is our commitment

After more than a century, we’ve inevitably evolved. But one thing has remained unchanged: honesty. Honest weights. Honest grading. Honest on-time payments.

Businesses we help

Whether you’re organization is small or large, one local business or a global enterprise, we help you uncover industry-specific savings.