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Robotic manufacturing assembly line


Streamline the often difficult process of maximizing diversion of recyclables, minimizing your trash bills, and increasing recycling rebates. We consolidate your scrap paper, plastic, metal, pallets, and destruction with a simplified solid waste program guaranteed to save you money.


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Printing and publication process machine with white paper

Printing & Publication

When you simplify your paper grades, you stand to gain significant revenue. And because we sell recycled paper worldwide, we know we can pay you more than any competitor. We’ll work with you one-on-one to maximize the price you get for weight and grade.

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Warehouse with cardboard boxes on shelves

Warehousing & distribution

Find cost-efficient ways to turn your waste—from pallets and plastics to cardboard and hard-to-recycle materials such as Styrofoam—into new consumer products while saving money on your solid waste solutions.

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Grocery store with produce and food


Food waste made up 21.1% of municipal solid waste discarded by Americans in 2013 —that’s more than any other material. We’ll help you save money by paying more for your recyclables and reducing waste costs via innovative organics and plastics recycling.

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High-rise apartment condo building

Multi-family housing

4.4 pounds: that’s how much waste the average American generated in 2013.2 Every. Single. Day. By eliminating incorrect charges, avoiding price increases and excessive services, and negotiating fair market rates with providers, we’ve saved the industry millions.

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University or school campus with tall buildings

Schools & universities

Bring safe, secure, and sustainable waste management and recycling to your campus. We’ll help you find ways to reduce what’s heading to the landfill, thus giving you more savings to support students, faculty, and programs.

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