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Cardboard boxes, pallets: You’re already recycling the easy stuff. We’ll find ways to convert your organics and plastics, including plastic film and shrink-wrap, into more money for your organization. Even composting food waste, the largest component of landfills, will decrease the weight of your waste.

Plus, we’re one of the largest recycling companies in the country, selling thousands of tons of recyclables each month domestically and internationally. Chances are we know the going rates in your market and can pay you more money for your materials.

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Fair prices from your providers

You may think you’re getting the lowest rate around from your waste hauler, but are you? We often uncover deep savings by negotiating the frequency and price of hauls. That’s because we know what providers should charge based on your loads. And we know that you shouldn’t pay to haul away air.

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Power in the just-right container

There’s power in compactors, balers, and even right-sized waste and recycling containers. But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every grocery store. We’ll take a look at your particular needs and optimize your equipment month to month and year to year as your needs change, even financing, installing, and repairing it as needed. We keep track of it all so you can get back to business.

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Insights in a click

Time is money, so we make it easy for you to schedule your pickups and then forget about it. Plus, you can track receipts, shipments, and your real-time environmental impact. Each month, you’ll get a comprehensive report showing your cost and energy savings, as well as what you’ve redirected from landfills.


Fair prices, fair partner

We’ve been around for more than a century because along with saving you money, honest customer service is our top priority. That means finding the fairest prices for your recyclables and  waste hauls. It also means being responsive to your needs. Try us: 314-721-3377.

Save money on waste and earn more for your recyclables.
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